Good quality content brings momentum in your business and connects you to your customer base. Nothing can stop you when you have a community in your corner.

IndieContent was started by Marthinus Jansen van Vuuren as a small, independent content consultancy in October 2018. His objective was simple: to contribute to the growth of small to medium businesses and start-ups by crafting accessible and affordable content marketing solutions that honour the needs of the community.

When it comes to content marketing, the options are countless. The industry has grown significantly over the past five years and has become very competitive.

Some of the tactics used can be said to be questionable, and it’s increasingly hard to distinguish between the good, the bad and the not-so-ethical. That doesn’t mean content marketing can’t be a powerful tool to grow your business! It just means you have to search a little further for the right partner.

We believe content that honours the needs of the community delivers results.

We don’t believe in shady marketing tactics and we won’t stick you in a box or a funnel.

We use creativity to connect and build relationships.

A community of customers and supporters is more valuable than any ROI % can ever be.

Feeling connected empowers people and motivates them to act.

Marthinus Jansen van Vuuren

Story Weaver and Content Architect.

With his background in journalism, learnings from an MBA degree and experience in content marketing and communications, Marthinus translates editorial strategy into powerful content – with ease.

Before starting IndieContent, Marthinus gained a wealth of content marketing experience at one of South Africa’s fastest-growing start-ups in the financial services space. More about Marthinus here.

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Investing in your community is the best investment you can make in your business.

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