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Why are some websites, blogs and social media pages buzzing with organic traffic and engagement while others are quiet? How can you get organic traffic to your website or social media page? In this article, we’ll talk about all this and reveal the secret to getting it right.

What is organic traffic and engagement?

“Organic” is the term we use to refer to the natural visits, clicks, messages, “likes” and comments that happen on your website or social media pages. It’s the opposite of paid web or paid social media traffic and engagement. These visits come from a search engine’s natural search results, and recommendations through algorithms on social media platforms. Although it happens organically, there are quite a few things you can do to increase this form of natural engagement.

How does organic differ from paid?

In paid media, you either pay a search engine or social media platform to run ads that lead to your website or page. The success of these ads is measured in clicks or actions that result from the paid ads. To get paid traffic from search engines like Google, you’ll buy ads to have your business appear at the top of the search results. Alternatively, you can use SEO and strategic content marketing to rank organically in the topic the consumer is searching for.

Organic traffic and organic engagement are free in the sense that you’re not paying for exposure or reach. You may pay someone to write an article (or design a post), but it still counts as free because you didn’t force the traffic to your site or page.

“If your content is good enough, it will engage your social media followers and increase your organic traffic.”

Using content to generate organic traffic for websites

When a customer searches for a phrase like, “running shoe stores New York”, they’ll get a list of websites that have paid to rank on Google followed by the websites that rank organically. When a customer searches for a more specific phrase like, “running shoes for flat feet New York” they’ll get a list of stores that have published articles on the topic.

If your website’s blog provides valuable information for a customer in this way, they are more likely to trust your website and choose your business.

Using content to get organic engagement and followers on social media

Organic social media engagement works in almost the same way. Since many social media networks function as mini search engines on their own, the information you provide on your page, as well as its popularity, will determine the search results. In this way, you can increase your engagement by providing useful and valuable information on your social media pages.

The secret to getting it right: Know the needs of your community and keep them feeling connected

One of our core beliefs at IndieContent is that feeling connected empowers people and motivates them to act. It’s, therefore crucial that you know and understand your consumers. We think of new ways to connect with consumers on an emotional level. But this alone is not enough. Your brand also needs to empower consumers. Social media is the perfect platform for this.

Keeping your consumer insight in mind, and aiming to keep your consumer feeling connected, you can now focus on these straightforward strategies to increase your organic traffic:

  • Create content that your customers want to read and find useful
  • Include relevant keywords and hashtags in your page description
  • Get mentions from other pages
  • Create easy-to-consume, digestible content

Build stronger and more resilient brands that are rooted in a sense of community

We believe that businesses and the communities they serve, contribute to each other’s growth and sustainability through support and relationship. Our goal is to build this relationship and create a constant flow of interaction so that both the business and the community around it can flourish. We also stress the importance of knowing what your brand offers consumers on a functional and emotional level, what you stand for, and how you’re different from other similar brands.

Figuring out exactly what content to create can be challenging, but for us, it’s second nature.

If you would like us to help you determine your brand voice and what you should be communicating in your content, get in touch today. It all starts with your marketing strategy and your content.

“Good quality content brings momentum to your business and connect you to your consumer base. Nothing can stop you when you have a community in your corner.”

Marthinus Jansen van Vuuren, Founder: IndieContent

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